COVID-19 Coverage

Find out how to easily access our newly launched COVID-19 reports page, ensuring all the latest reports on this global pandemic are easily accessible. Download the latest use guide for steps to navigate the new page.

COVID-19 Coverage

30 March 2020

App Password Reset

Our recent app update enables you to reset your account password directly through The Assynt Report app. For more details read our latest user guide.

App Password Reset

18 February 2020

South Africa & Ethiopia Coverage

As part of our commitment to improve our service we have extended The Assynt Report coverage to include South Africa and Ethiopia. We have leveraged our internal capabilities to expand our expert insights on the burgeoning continent.

Africa Coverage

18 December 2019

Set App Notifications

Our latest app update enables you to receive immediate alerts on the latest Assynt Reports through the live notifications on your mobile device. Read our quick user guide for steps on how to turn on your notifications.

App Notifications

29 October 2019

New Report Builder

Assynt has just launched the report builder function as part of your Assynt Report service update. We have made it possible for clients to create dynamic reports tailored to their subscribed specifications.

Assynt Report Builder

05 September 2019