Our telecommunications sector clients are entering a period of increasing uncertainty.

AsĀ great power rivalries over next generation networks blur complex lines between private sector, national security and geopolitical contestation. Telecoms clients have complex exposures to a range of geopolitical, economic and political risks. These can originate from commodity price fluctuation, supply chain corruption, local market manipulation, conflict minerals, political instability, unreliable infrastructure, community relations, and regulation on factors such from environmental sustainability to radiation policy that can significantly impact assets and operational viability.

Emerging markets telecoms networks often have some form of state ownership, where assessing the political exposure of partners and potential acquisition targets is critically important. New market entry, particularly into emerging economies, has to balance the risks arising from underdeveloped regulatory regimes and large capital expenditure into infrastructure, with the vast growth opportunities. The risk of divergent and non-compatible networks and systems between countries, and within regions poses major commercial risks with implicit geopolitical drivers.

We support our clients by:

  • Understanding the complexity of the business decisions they face
  • Providing operating country assessments nuanced to business sensitivities
  • Supporting cross-functional strategic new market entry assessments
  • Embedding quality personnel to integrate geopolitical and integrity risks
  • Solving sensitive challenges in complex areas, effectively and discreetly
  • Supporting inter-connected teams with overlapping business remits
  • Identifying emerging risks / opportunities for telecoms markets