The large players in the technology space have vast global reach and presence.

Unparalleled global influence brings with it susceptibility to political and regulatory risk. Our clients face an increasing assumption of social responsibility in areas from law enforcement, counter-terrorism and electoral integrity to inter-communal tension and geopolitical stability.

As public perspectives evolve on the increasing global reach of digital technology, the sector continues to react with major investments into the safety and security of its personnel. Online exposures to a wide range of malicious users can traverse from digital into physical spaces with publicized controversies elevating direct threats to people and assets.

Demands around privacy and transparency in data protection will continue to come under more and more scrutiny as penalties available to regulators for violations grow to enormous sums and as public concerns over the misuse of technology continue to rise. Policy manipulation for the benefit of domestic intelligence services remains a key risk.

Technology firms with a more physical footprint have also developed an almost unique form of market entry and political risk landscape by operating at city levels, often leaving national level regimes obsolete. Capitalising on the mega city opportunities of emerging markets for tech companies with a physical footprint requires local market and political risk solutions at city level where the rewards are potentially huge.

We support our clients by:

  • Understanding their cultural approach to risk and Intelligence
  • Supporting them in their rapid growth of organic expertise
  • Providing geopolitical and security risk forecasting to In-house teams
  • Advising on political risk factors in key markets or at city level
  • Identifying and monitoring emerging regulatory and reputational threats
  • Offering tailored intelligence solutions to their exact requirements