Group security and resilience functions in global organisations face multiple, diverse challenges.

The security and resilience functions have in the past been viewed as a restricting factor or a cost on expansionist or expeditionary business opportunities, security and resilience functions in more forward-looking companies are now recognised as adding significant value. They operate on a business enabling mindset based on an intelligence-led approach to assessing and forecasting risk proportionately and managing it pragmatically.

While under pressure to demonstrate commercial value, the core purpose and objective remains the task of keeping people, assets, investments and reputations safe across large geographic and operational portfolios, often in challenging environments. Demand for reactive incident response has driven a huge-rise in the availability of real-time security information alerts, often at the expense of considered, accurate and actionable analysis.

While reactive alerting is invaluable, an intelligence-led approach that empowers firms to implement proactive and proportionate preparedness and resilience programmes is the best and most cost-effective way to effectively mitigate risk and enable business. That is why our predictive and forward-looking intelligence makes us the trusted partner of choice for corporate security and resilience functions who are seeking to build agile, pre-emptive, intelligence driven risk-mitigation strategies.