Our clients operate in complex commercial environments where high levels of capital investment and long-term commitments are vulnerable.

Companies operating in the Oil and Gas sector are susceptible to geopolitical volatility, changing security environments and commercial risk. Global asset portfolios can involve challenging locations and complex jurisdictions where taking advantage of geological and commercial potential poses significant political, reputational and security risks. Our clients face inherent integrity risks and political exposure in bidding round processes and across commercial supply chains.

National and local level factors can cause supply disruptions, production shutdowns, declarations of force majeure or full-scale political evacuation. Exploration and production operations require a detailed local-level understanding. Ensuring a social license to operate by engaging local community stakeholders to mitigate future disruption from local social upheaval or direct targeting.

Strategy teams need reliable long-term forecasts of geopolitical and country risk factors affecting commodity price volatility, to assess project viability and long-term capital commitment. The viability of capital projects requires an integrated assessment of the fiscal, taxation, environmental, regulatory, compliance, labour, infrastructure, legislative and policy environments.

We support our clients by:

  • New market selection and benchmarking
  • Prospective new asset assessment
  • Security threat forecasting including offshore, ports and terminals
  • Investigating potential political exposure in bidding rounds
  • Due diligence on local partners and key gatekeepers and stakeholders
  • Security and stability scenario planning for both urban centres and remote site exploration and production facilities
  • Geopolitical portfolio monitoring and forecasting
  • Political risk, stakeholder mapping and scenario analysis