Assynt are pleased to announce the launch of a new Kenya service as part of leading strategic intelligence service, The Assynt Report. Assynt’s Africa analysts will provide predictive intelligence, strategic forecasting and actionable analysis for organisations with interests and operations in Kenya, as part of ongoing enhancements to existing reporting coverage.

The Assynt Report provides globally-respected strategic intelligence on geopolitical, security and jihadist threats and trends. The uniquely forward-looking reports provide clients with in-depth horizon-scanning, enabling them to plan ahead in protecting staff, assets and reputation. The Assynt Report delivers regular analysis across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Former Soviet Union, with Special Reports on key developments in international jihadism.

The service also offers subscribers direct access to Assynt’s in-house senior analyst team to discuss how the developments forecasted in the service will affect their organisation’s interests. The Assynt Report is used as a key tool by subscribers to inform critical decisions, anticipate threats and pre-emptively mitigate risks.

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