Helping our clients navigate the risks and uncertainty of operating in highly complex markets.

Our Consumer and Retail clients look to us for a nuanced understanding and forward-looking appreciation of a range of risk factors affecting multiple jurisdictions across complex supply chains. Our predictive reporting assists clients to anticipate commodity price fluctuations for raw materials due to political, societal or environmental uncertainty in source countries; prepare for security deterioration in key outsourcing countries, and monitor key supply chain geographies that could become politically unstable or commercially unfavourable.

Business priorities are to limit disruption, maintain production and mitigate supply interruptions. These face wide ranging risks from societal tension, labour unrest and political turbulence to geopolitical instability, trade disputes and international activism. Supply chain agility and supplier diversification are increasingly critical to business resilience and competitiveness, raising the risks of political exposure across an expanding supply chain network. Supply chain integrity and sustainable sourcing governance pose challenges in low income and emerging economies. We help organisations in navigating opaque compliance regimes, local stakeholder landscapes and human rights exposures including modern-day slavery.

We also provide:

  • Geopolitical risk assessment and forecasting across complex, just-in-time global supply chains
  • Reputational due diligence for supplier diversification, political exposure, human rights and modern-day slavery exposure
  • Environmental, social and governance assessments on source and outsourcing countries
  • Country risk forecasting of national and local socio-economic, security and environmental scenarios
  • New market identification, benchmarking and entry strategy