Posted: 20 February 2020

Nigerian Governor Demands 100,000 Troops to Quell Insurgency

Assynt’s expert Africa Analyst speaks to Bloomberg on Borno state governor’s demand for troops to quell the insurgency.

Nigeria must recruit 100,000 additional soldiers to end the long-running insurgency by the Islamist Boko Haram group, the governor of a state at the epicenter of the violence said.

The militant group has inflicted “horrific and simultaneous attacks” in Borno state since March 2019, Governor Babagana Zulum said…

The governor’s expectations are unlikely to be met “because the Nigerian Army and security services are already stretched thin,” Mathias Hindar, an analyst at London-based geopolitical risk consultancy Assynt, said in emailed comments on Thursday.

Moreover, Nigeria spends up to 50% of its public revenue on debt repayments, which means that there are few resources left for large-scale recruitment or improving military equipment,” Hindar said.

Apart from fighting Islamist insurgents in the northeast, the armed forces must also contend with other security threats throughout the country. These include armed banditry in the northwest, deadly clashes between farmers and herders in central Nigeria and armed groups disrupting the flow of oil in the coastal Niger River delta.

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