Our aerospace and defence clients face multiple challenges.

Distributing sensitive products into regulated markets where political exposure and national security dynamics can be critical. Key contracts may be susceptible to political interference, rapid regulatory change or international sanctions. Geopolitical dynamics can sharply escalate political and reputational risks and threaten the sustainability of commercial operations.

Defence sales are increasingly focused on emerging economies. Economic slowdowns can pose significant risks of contract frustration and non-payment from governmental clients. This is particularly acute where buying governments face revenue challenges from commodity price volatility. It is important for businesses to understand the country dynamics in key markets, new or existing, in order to identify threats to their commercial position before these become critical.

Strategic new market opportunities can be directly affected by reduced defence spending, targeted international sanctions, tightened export control regimes, trade restrictions and unpredictable policy–making in critical jurisdictions. Destination country investment can be hindered by supply contract reinvestment laws and local regulatory requirements.

We support our clients by:

  • Geopolitical risk forecasting of key markets and scenarios
  • Target new market forecasting – country-specific and theme-driven
  • Political risk assessment of specific new contract bids
  • Regulatory and sanctions forecast across global portfolios
  • Reputational risk in home countries towards foreign government sales
  • Enhanced due diligence on key suppliers and other high risk supply chain links